What We Do

Getting Started

The FAI Wealth Management Roadmap

FAI recognizes that Wealth Management is a long-term relationship. Our Wealth Management Roadmap will guide you through a 10-Step process to ensure you have a solid foundation as you build your financial independence.

Step 1 - Discovery Meeting

Your first session is a chance for us to get to know you better, answer questions, and demonstrate the value we can bring in managing your wealth.

Step 2 - Welcome Meeting

In your welcome meeting, we will review the Service Agreement and schedule the next steps for building your roadmap to financial independence.

Step 3 - Fact Finder & Documentation

The beginning of your financial plan – You will gather your plan documents and complete our questionnaire.

Step 4 – Set-up Investment Accounts

In this step, we will open your investment accounts and transfer assets.

Step 5 - Teleconference

We will check in via a phone call to review documentation, clarify information, and prepare to build your Discovery Cash Flow.

Step 6 - Discovery Cash Flow Presentation

We will schedule a meeting to review your preliminary Cash Flow, develop a target scenario to guide you through the process, and answer any questions you have.

Step 7 - Discovery Cash Flow Follow-Up

We will answer follow-up questions from our previous meeting. We will also prepare for the strategy presentation.

Step 8 - Strategy Presentation and Investment Allocation

In this step, we will present the complete financial plan and create a custom Road Map Action List to implement the plan. We will prioritize Action List items and confirm that investment allocation strategy matches your plan strategy.

Step 9 - First Action Meeting

Your first Action Meeting will be reviewing and implementing high priority items from your Road Map Action list.

Step 10 - Investment Orientation Meeting

In this final step of your Road Map, we will review your Quarterly Investment Study which includes: the investment allocation, securities owned, performance, and fees.


Other Benefits


  • Our Ongoing Conversation


    At a minimum, we will meet face-to-face with you annually. However, we prefer more regular communication throughout the year, this keeps us informed about changes in your life and makes sure we are on the same page regarding goals and strategy. We will help to coordinate meetings with your attorney, accountant, or other professional.

  • Your Secure Online Portal


    Client View is your very own online portal and document vault at FAI. Here, you'll find details about your financial plan and your portfolio (updated weekly), as well as an archive of your historical quarterly reports and investment alerts. You can also use this to upload any documents to us in a secure way.

  • Staying Informed


    In addition to our conversations throughout the year, we'll share helpful information and resources such as:

    • Invitations to FAI Client Events such as our Town Hall Breakfasts
    • Monthly Investment Activity Reports
    • Special Investment Alerts addressing current market events
    • Links to Articles posted on our website
    • Financial Planning Updates which include timely information about tax, estate, insurance and other planning issues
    • FAI Office Announcements updating you about office closings, staff and other important news


The Future Starts Now

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