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Wealth Management Services

Our whole-life approach is designed to manage your complete financial picture, giving you complete financial confidence. Nothing thrills us more than when our clients tell us they don’t worry anymore. To get you to that point, we provide an array of wealth management services that comprise your financial decision-making framework. Specifically, we work with you in three main areas – each related to an aspect of our whole-life approach to wealth management: investment management, retirement planning, and legacy planning.

Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting

Beginning in 2012, the Department of Labor increased disclosure requirements and established new guidelines for ERISA compliant retirement plans to protect plan participants. As a result, business owners and executives serving as fiduciaries of qualified retirement plans are being held to a higher standard and, in many cases, are unaware of the federal rules and regulations placed upon them in this role. As an ERISA 3(21) fiduciary, FAI can help to mitigate the potential liability of other plan fiduciaries by providing investment expertise and assist with compliance of fiduciary responsibilities.

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